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The Teachings Of Ki
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The techniques that have been thought up by somebody and haven't been tested yet go here. Please test them if you have enough time. If they work, please tell me through email.

Ki vortex
Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
Step 2
Put your hands together as you would do to pray.
Step 3
Visualize a vortex of yellow energy in each palm.
Step 4
Visualize these vortex's coming out of your palms and joining at the back of each vortex. Like this: ><.
Step 5
Move your hands away from it slowly. Keep doing this until there is a 30 cm gap betwen your palms. While moving your hands, visualize the vortex's streching and getting bigger.
Step 6
Turn these vortex's around so one end of them is facing you. Do this with your willpower and visualization.
Step 7
Move the vortex's along to the middle of you and your opponent. These vortex's will now start to absorb all of the energy from around them including you and your opponent.
Step 8
When you sense an uprising force which is about to blow, RUN!!! It will blow up and the impact on your opponent will be tremendous.
Caution: Do not get in the way of the blast yourself or else the technique would be a waste of time.
Goku teleportation
This is the technique Goku uses to teleport. It takes a long, long time to master, but it is worth it in the long run.
Im not sure that this technique works, but a person in a forum said he used it and he was 2 foot across the room.
Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
Step 2
Turn your entire body into Ki by visualization and will power.
Step 3
Put your index and middle fingers together like Goku does in DBZ.
Step 4
Put them on your third eye (Above the middle of your eyebrows).
Step 5
Visualize yourself as Ki and visualize yourself disappearing from the spot you are in and reappearing in the place where you want to go to.
The distance able to travel depends on how much practice you have put into it.
Caution: You may feel sickly and disorientated when you pull this technique off for the first few times.

If you have any problems with Ki, please email me.