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Kinesis is the art of controlling different elements. There are lots of different types. You can recognise a kinesis name because they have a name with 'kinesis at the end.

Here is a list of different kinesis:
Telekinesis-Control over movement/energy/gravity on solid objects.
Pyrokinesis-Control over fire.
Aerokinesis-Control over wind.
Cryokinesis-Control over ice.
Electrokinesis-Control over electricity.
Tetrakinesis/Geokinesis-Control over earth(Plants too maybe, im not sure).
Hydrokinesis-Control over water.
Thermokinesis-Control over heat (This is basically undeveloped pyrokinesis).
Magnokinesis-Control over metals/magnetic fields.
Photokinesis-Control over light.
Psychokinesis/Psikokinesis-Control over the mind (telepathy and things like that are under here).
Biokinesis-Control over DNA/living tissue.

So, as you can see, there is a lot of different kinesis.

Which one is right for me?
This all depends on what you would like to do with your 'power'. If you are constantly getting hot and sweaty, try cryokinesis. If you want to attract metallic objects to your hand, try magnokinesis. If you want to move objects with your mind, try telekinesis. You get the picture.

How to do telekinesis
This one is a bit hard to explain. You have to sit comfortably and relax. Clear your mind of all things and concentrate or gaze at the object you want to move. Do not strain your eyes, this will not help at all.
The other method is to trick your subconcious mind. Do this by thinking "It just moved! Did you see it!?" or "There it goes again!". After a while you might get results.
From experience, the first method is the easiest, as I got to move a psi wheel on my first try.

You make a psi wheel by cutting out a piece of paper 10 cm by 10 cm, so you have a square. Fold it diagonally, both ways, horizontally and vertically. Now pinch the corners of the square so you get a small point were you are pinching. Push it into the middle, so you get an 'x' shape (birds eye view). This little beauty moves like a dream. This should be the very first thing you practice on. Then move onto rolling pencils, then sliding. So generally, go up in difficulty.

How to do electrokinesis
Put one finger out, like you are pointing at someone. Move Ki to your finger and fill it. Now visualize electricity crackling around your finger. Hear it going 'snap'. Like you see in the SSJ2 level in DBZ. After a few week's practice you might start to feel the electricity jumping from place to place. And if you get good enough you will be able to shock people, literally!

As for the other kinesis, i'm not sure how you do them. I have never done them myself. If anybody can tell me how to do them, please email me.

If you have any problems with Ki, please email me.