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Sorry, this website has moved! Check out the new website at

ki ball

Welcome to The Teachings Of Ki website!!!
Please go here to the new Ki Energy .org >>

I will not add any more information on this site from now on, as it takes too long to add it to 2 sites. So, to see any new information, you must go to my new website.


I have added loads more success stories. See them here.

I have uploaded a new video file. It contains 2 or 3 videos and they show Ki up lots. It includes Ki being put into my hand and me powering up, making the screen go white, and there is no light above me. Get them at the Media section.

I have a proper forum up on my new site, now.

I have a proper domain name with unlimited bandwidth! I have uploaded all of the information now, and am adding extra information that is not on this site. Visit it here.

Notice: I have a new AIM. My ID is 'kimaster1989' without the quote marks.

Notice: In the forum ( , I have created a section for site updates. Please look there for info about the site updates and when they happen.

Notice: I have updated the media section with Ki videos. At the moment, there are 6 videos - 2 levitation, powering up, Ki ball, hand blast and telekinesis.

Notice: I have updated the FAQ, so please read it before emailing me.

This is a website which is totally dedicated to Ki.

Ki is real, so all of the people who deny it are wrong. Ki is the inner power that can be used for Ki balls and many other things. I am going to put a 'success stories' section up soon that will contain other Ki practitioner's success stories for you to look at.

There is a section of this site which deals with excuses and proves them wrong. So if you are a bit skeptical, take a look.

I advise you to go to the pages in the order I have put them in the navigation bar (left).

I will be updating the site daily with new sections and more techniques, so please check back often.

I have made this website easy to understand, a dummies version if you like. If you still don't understand, email me and I will update the site with the information needed.

I have also tried to make the links in the navigation bar form a Ki blast shape. I think I've done a pretty good job :).

If you have any problems with Ki, please email me.