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The Teachings Of Ki


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Ki is the energy all around us. Most people do not know of Ki. They see it in their everyday lives but do not recognise it as Ki.


The main excuse is "It is just your vision". This is not true. Take a look at the excuses section for more info.


With Ki, you can make balls, beams, enhance your performance and even make objects with it. The possibilities are endless.


It is highly recommended that you practice N.E.W before you practice with Ki. NEW is the control of energy inside of you and outside of you. Another technique I suggest you practice is aura seeing. These will strongly shorten the time to make a Ki ball and also to make it more powerful. I use Robert Bruce's exercises. They work extremely good and don't take long to learn. You can learn them at Astral Pulse.



Ki cannot be created or destroyed. It is transferred and moved about. So from now on, when I say "Create a Ki ball", I mean transfer energy to make it into a ball.


Ki moves extremely fast. If you turn off the lights so the room is dark, you will see tiny dots or 'fuzz'. These move about extremely fast. One moment one Ki is in one spot, the next, it is in another spot.


Ki radiates off Ki balls and beams. So it is best to fire it as soon as possible.


When a Ki blast is fired at a wall, your body moves backwards. Sometimes, I have flew black so far, I have hit the wall behind me.


When a Ki blast is fired at a wall, it seperates and surrounds where the blast is hitting.

If you have any problems with Ki, please email me.