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The Teachings Of Ki


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Q1. Is all of this real?

A1. Yes! Of course it is real! Why do you think I and many other would waste their time on something that isn't real?

Q2. How long does it all take?

A2. It all depends on the person doing it, if the chakras are open and how seriously you take it. If your palm chakras are open, you do other things like OBE and aura seeing and train 5 times a day, you will probably be levitating by the end of the month. This is why I have gotten so far.

Q3. Why don't the other people recognise Ki?

A3. The main reason for this is because they don't know it is Ki and think it is just their vision. The other reason is because half of the people can't see it anyway.

Q4. Why do you put all of this stuff on the web? Won't some evil person go round killing nature and humans?

A4. Well, Ki does not do physical effects, for a start. Ki justs exhausts the target. Like when you have been running. The more powerful the Ki ball/beam the more out of breath people get.

Q5. Can people die from this?

A5. If it gets to the point where a continuous blast which is extra powerful is being shot at an animal or person, the target will get so exhausted that they won't be able to breath. They will eventually suffocate.

Q6. Can I see some pictures of you doing a Ki ball/beam?

A6. Yes and No. Yes, you will when I get my digital camera. No, because I haven't got a digital camera.

Q7. If this stuff is real, why isn't it all over the news?

A7. The reason for this is that everyone keeps it a secret. This is mainly because everyone will think they are mad.

Q8. What can I do to convince skeptics?

A8. Well, dealing with skeptics is very difficult because Ki balls are not made out of light, so they are not visible enough to be seen. The one thing you can do, is... Look at the excuses section.

Q9. Where can I find a forum that talks about this sort of Ki?

A9. Lots of forums talk about basic Ki and not radical Ki. So when you say the word "Kamehameha", they instantly flame you. A safe place to chat about this is the Ki section of my Psychic Abilities Forum.

If you have any problems with Ki, please email me.