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The Teachings Of Ki
Limit Break


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Limit Break
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A limit break is a great increase of power and collection of energy when in a true state of anger and when you are really annoyed. This normally happen to Ki trainers when one of their family die.

There are numerous things which happen in a limit break. It varies from person to person, but the most common is ascention. Take a look at the Ascendation section for more info.

In a limit break, your body collects in more energy than it needs, thus making you extremely powerful. Some people have reported children being able to lift cars when their dad or mum has been run over. It is very rare, but if you are in enough anger, your hair growth speeds up and your hair lifts up from the fringe.

There is a very secret way to have a limit break. I have recently uncovered it.


How to have a limit break

Step 1

Every time you get annoyed or pee'd off with something, don't get angry. Bottle it up inside of you. Every time you get bullied or laughed at, don't get angry. Bottle it up inside of you. Generally, just bottle up all of the anger you get. Do this for about a month or two.

Step 2

Stand with your legs apart.

Step 3

Clench your fists and hold them in the air as you would do with a Ki flame.

Step 4

Visualize a bottle with a cork on it. This bottle should be pressurised and busting to get out.

Step 5

Thrust your elbows down as you would do in a Ki flame. As you do this shout at the top of your voice "I CANT TAKE THIS ANY MOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!". While shouting this, imagine everything that was done to you. Everything that annoy's you. Take a breath if you need to. Tense up all of your body while doing this. Tighter and tighter.


Your whole body should be tensed up even though you are not tensing. You should have a magnificent feel of power.


I have done this before, and the feel is awesome.


Try not to burst a blood vessel while doing this.


It is very important that you dont stay in this form too long. To get out of it, just totally relax and visualize your body getting calm and normal again. It helps if you sigh at this point.


When out, you will feel very, very tired. You should go to sleep straight away.

If you have any problems with Ki, please email me.