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The Teachings Of Ki
Starter Techniques


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Please do these techniques in order I have put them here. Once you have completed these techniques, go onto the beginner.

I am hoping for some graphics to come soon to make it much easier, so if you don't understand it, please e-mail me.


Ki ball

Step 1

Put your hands into a cupped shape. Do this by putting both wrists together, both index fingers together and opposite fingers together.

The other cupped shape is this: put your hands over each other like a letter r. Put your most dominant hand on the top and put your fingers together. Put your fingers on the back of the opposite hand.

Step 2

Visualize a blue ball of pure Ki in your tan-tien. You can either do this by looking down or picture it in your mind.

Step 3

Now visualize it turning to a soft, flowing mass of Ki. It no longer takes the ball shape. Visualize it flowing around your tan-tien.

Step 4

Now visualize the river flowing up your chest, and splitting into two rivers below your neck, and each river going down each arm and being stored in your palm/hand.

Step 5

Now visualize it flowing out of your palms and forming a pure blue ball in the centre of your cupped hands. At this point you may feel tingling, pressure, heat or any other sensation.


If you feel a continuous sensation, you have made a Ki ball. If you just feel a short sensation, keep training and practicing.


Ki flame

Step 1

Visualize a ball of blue Ki in your tan-tien. The more you want to power up, the bigger the ball should be. The average is about 10cm X 10cm.

Step 2

Put your arms up in the air with clenched fists.

Step 3

Now you have to thrust your elbows downwards so it is you are elbowing domeone, but vertically. While doing this, visualize the Ki ball exploding all over your body. So thrusting your elbows down is like a trigger or a detonator. Dont worry, it wont hurt you. It is your Ki so it does not harm you.


If your sight goes a bit fuzzy, the Ki flame has worked.


Spirit up

Step 1

Visualize your body filling up with pure, blue Ki. A bit like a bottle gets filled up with drink, if you like. Continue this until your whole body is 'full'.


This will improve the energy flow in your body making it easier to move energy around.

If you have any problems with Ki, please email me.