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To submit a success story, email me with the following:
First Ki ball (date)(dd/mm/yy):
And I will put it up here.

Name: Niio Gokuu
First Ki ball (date): 13/09/98
Comments: Very nice feeling to be able to construct Energy like that for the first time. It gives you a new sense of self-control in your life and is a good way to test your mental capabilities.

Name: James (me)
First Ki ball (date): 23/10/02
Comments: It is an exellent feeling to know that all of your training and that you have worked for has paid off.

Name: Tyler Brown
First Ki ball (date): 28/02/03
Comments: It's so cool that you can make energy like that.

Name: ShadowKi
First Ki ball (date): 03/03/03
Comments: Doing Ki has put a new meaning into life for me. It makes me feel more self confident.

Name: Stark & Zado
First Ki ball (date): 14/3/03
Comments: This training helped Stark stop smoking and take more passion in his training. Zado learned his first Ki ball and he feels it will take a while until he gets much better.

Name: Danielle aka Alexis
First Ki ball (date): 3/5?/03
Comments: It was wonderful. I didn't get it a first, but then, it just happened. All my practicing and patience worked after all!

Name: Rikappa Beowulf
First Ki ball (date): August 11th 2002
Comments: Energy has inspired me to become a better person.  The
feeling I get from it is that of power and control over the flow of my
life.  I have learned how to control and convert energy into different
forms for different purposes.  I will continue to train...

Name: NeoMatrix
First Ki ball (date): September, 2002
Comments: When i first found out about ki, i was very skeptical, but
then my friend almost burned my hand off with a ki ball.

Name: Scott D, John G
First Ki ball (date): October.
Comments: Me and my friend were trying the ki vortex on his brother
while he was sleeping then we saw a big yellow circle come out and
start to get big by instinct we started to run and hide we came out and
his brother started screaming for help drenged in sweat. After we found
red marks on his neck and chest.

Name: Ki Sensai
First Ki ball (date): 8-10-00
Comments: I am very good with Ki and will do all I can to defeat the
webmaster of this site, and I will someday.

If you have any problems with Ki, please email me.